Maker Space : Q&A With Lit & Co.’s Kristen Jackson

We love seeing the studios and spaces of our Wintry Market makers and know you do, too. Inspiration comes in all shapes, forms and sizes, and sneak peeks into that can be super inspiring to us all. Today, Wintry Market Co-Curator Amy Pence-Brown talks with the head chief, owner, and candlemaker of Lit & Co., Kristen Jackson, who moved to Boise almost four years ago from Columbus, Ohio (GO BUCKEYES! she says).


Amy: How long have you been working as an artist/candle maker?

Kristen: I’ve been making candles for around six years but have owned Lit&Co. Candles since moving to Boise in early 2013.

Amy: Are you self taught or school taught?

Kristen: Old school self-taught through trial and error!


Amy: What artist(s)/shops are your greatest inspiration? Or what else inspires your work?

Kristen: The biggest influence on my business is the changing of the seasons.  Each one brings new fragrances, trends, customer requests, etc.  I admire so many businesses here in Boise it’d be hard to name just a few!  I definitely follow a lot of other candle and home fragrance companies on Instagram and love seeing what they’re up to as well.

Amy: What is your most favorite piece/commission you’ve made?

Kristen: I participated in a celebrity gifting organization and one year we gifted celebrities who recently gave birth or were currently pregnant for Mother’s Day.  It was pretty sweet to know I was sending a candle to Carrie Underwood, Alicia Keys and others!


Amy: What can we look for in your Wintry Market booth that might be new/exciting to you?

Kristen: This year we are doing our best to offer a really great assortment of items in unique year round and Holiday fragrances.  We will have Room Sprays, Soy Wax Tarts, a few soap and Bath & Body products and obviously plenty of candles to pick from!

Amy: What are your future plans in 2017?

Kristen: Keep growing!  Our recent move to State Street has been tremendous for our retail business and I am very excited about what the future holds.


See all the products Kristen has to offer at this year’s Wintry Market and anytime at her new shop at 3019 W. State Street in Boise, where she also offers private parties, does special events and teaches make-your-own-candle classes for kids and adults alike.


(all photos courtesy Lit & Co.)

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