Free Fun At Wintry! Coloring Pages + Photo Ops

We’re super excited to have Kate Peterson Agenbroad of the Dapper Jackalope as our artist on board this year to create our Wintry Market 2016 poster AND she drew up the cutest kids coloring page free for your littlest ones (or you, too)!  You can find them with a big bucket of Crayolas to keep the kids busy while you grab a drink in the Oasis Bar or a snack at the Bowl of Cherries Culinary Arts AND shop with 20+ of our amazing vendors downstairs.


Additionally, don’t forget to stop by our cute photo booth, grab some props, and snap away on those iPhones! It’s a super fun memory to make with your friends or grab your kids for a Christmas card shot. It’s also in the basement of the Shrine near Café Crane’s baked goods and coffee. As always, please don’t forget to tag #wintrymarket2016 in all the pics you take this weekend!


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