How do I apply to Wintry Market? Or Summery Market?

The application for Summery Market will be posted on Feb 1, 2018 and due on April 1st.

The application for Wintry Market will be posted on July 1, 2018 and due on Sept 1st.

When and where is Wintry/Summery Market being held?

Our inaugural Summery Market 2018 will be held on Saturday June 9th (Free & Open to Public) at JUMP Boise (1000 W Myrtle St, Boise, ID 83702).  Wintry Market 2018 will be taking place November 16 (VIP ticketed event) 17 & 18 (Free & Open to Public) also at JUMP Boise.

How many booths are available?

This year we have room for around 60 booths. Each space is 10′ wide and 8′ deep and includes chairs. Vendors are responsible for bringing their own table/display to fit within their booth space. 

Can I join with a friend?

Sure! In fact, we’d love that, as booth space is limited for the number of extraordinary makers that apply. But please help us stay organized by applying on one application, and listing both makers. Include everybody’s business names and emails on the application. If selected one payment in-full should be submitted. Be sure to indicate you are applying together and submit at least three images per maker. Participation at the Wintry & Summery Market is priced per-booth, so even if sharing a booth the cost is the same. We recommend setting up a mock booth in the 10’x8′ size restriction before applying jointly to make sure it’s enough space for both of you.

Can I apply for 2 booth spaces?

Unfortunately, since booth space is limited, we are only accepting applications for ONE booth space per artist/business.

If I’m a past Market vendor will I be automatically accepted?

Not necessarily. We love all of our past vendors but in order to keep every show unique, we try to select around 30% new vendors for each Market to keep it fresh and exciting for our fans which has helped to continue our success. Additionally, we’ve got new space constraints and larger booth sizes which limit the number of vendors we can have. (See the FAQ above about sharing booths, though!)

Will I be penalized for only applying to one of your shows, but not the other?

Nope! We jury each show independently of the other and know that your lives are busy doing other things. Selecting to apply for one Market or the other or both will not impact our decision-making. Please note: there is a chance you’ll be accepted to one of our Markets and not get into the other; it just depends on the applicant pool that you’re up against and other constraints listed above.

How will I know if I’m accepted into Wintry or Summery Market?

You’ll receive an email from us either way (accepted or not) two months prior to the event. If you do not receive an email from us, please check your junk mail folder.

Is there a fee if I am accepted into Wintry or Summery Market?

Yes, each vendor who participates in Wintry or Summery Market will be responsible for paying their vendor fee ($150 for Summery and $250 for Wintry) within one week of receiving the acceptance email. This fee goes towards: space rental, chairs for your use at the Market, electricity (only if required), advertising of Market through local media and on website, and any other costs towards setting up and running a successful Market.

Does Wintry/Summery Market take a commission from vendor sales?

We pride ourselves on not taking a commission. 100% of all sales go directly to the local artists in our community who keep all proceeds from their sales. All our makers are small businesses, and we’re thrilled to be able to help promote so many of them this way!

What is the cancellation policy?

Once you are notified and your payment is made, no refunds will be given if a cancellation is made. Once you cancel, you forfeit your spot in the fair and you are not permitted to sell or trade your space. We reserve the right to fill spots as we see fit.

Is the Market juried? What do you look for in potential vendors? 

Yes. From our inception, Wintry & Summery Market has been a carefully curated juried event. We also want to ensure that the artists and local businesses that we feature create unique, high quality goods that are innovative and original. After reviewing all applications, we look for the following criteria to help determine who is accepted to participate in Wintry or Summery Market:

  • How your items fit in with our vision of each Market; innovative and original items produced using traditional art/craft methods.
  • The quality, innovation and uniqueness of your wares and marketability to all folks.
  • The overall cohesiveness and consistency of your work.
  • Our need to diversify the items available at each Market; we want to keep our Markets fresh and exciting for shoppers!
  • If your work falls more into the categories of Fine Art, Fine Craft, Fair Trade Goods, High Fashion or Vintage.
  • The number and diversity of designs or products you offer.
  • If the average price of your items is within the price range we desire for our Markets. We pride ourselves as being an affordable marketplace for handmade goods, with prices typically ranging between $1-$200.

Do I need any permits to sell at Wintry or Summery Market?

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have all the necessary permits and licenses required in order to sell at either Market. Wintry/Summery Market is not responsible for collecting sales tax, checking permits, or checking to make sure you are properly licensed. Visit the Idaho State Tax Commission for more information.

How do I accept payment from shoppers?

You will also be responsible for accepting your own payment in whatever form you choose (credit card, cash, check, etc.) at the Market and should come equipped to do so.